Ariel Flyer
Ariel Flyer






purple jumpsuit, with attachable parachute

Closest Friends

Wendy Waters



Toy No.

Not currently known

Ariel Flyer is a flight and wildlife specialist of Spanish descent.

Her primary role in the Rescue Heroes team is as a jet pilot and airbornce auxilary unit. She is in charge of co-piloting the RH Hyper-jet and reports directly to Billy Blazes.

For quick rescue missions, Ariel pilots the small manueverable Quick Response helicopter. She has a strong tie to animals and wildlife in general. Missions that require extraction of animals are under her jurisdiction. In rescue operations, she can be frequently seen next to her partner and good friend Wendy Waters.


Ariel Flyer was once a stunt pilot who had a rival named Avery Ator. However, Avery's lack of concern for safety has led to Ariel saving them on numerous occasions. She had a strong relationship with Eddie Splash.


  • Ariel Flyers is voiced by Deborah Odell
  • As with most Rescue Heroes, her name is a pun; both words mean "air" and "flying"


"Mission Select: Fire."

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