Canyon Catastrophe is a second half of the 19th episode.


Rocky Canyon and Rip Rockefeller were having much fun with the kids by rafting with paddles at the river when they encounter "No Return Falls" and made it to the right side and they did not fall.

Ranger Brent checks on his two kids, Jessica and her brother Garth to see if they have water bottles. Brent then tells AJ and Luke that some of the trails are off-limits. Jessica tells him that they are not babies. Brent says that all he was asking is stick to the trails they know and tells them to kick up some dirt and he will see them back in an hour for lunch. He warns them about Gargantuan. The kids enjoy bike riding on the trails that are safe. Garth says that they will try Evergreen next. Jessica then points to the Side Wonder. Garth warns Jessica that it was usually one of the trails Brent said to stay off and Jessica calls him "chicken" then warns him that if he tells Brent, he's history. Garth says he is not a squealer.