Hyper-Jet HQ
Hyper jet




Low bypass turbofans


Hyper-sonic ( Mach 5 )

Landing and Takeoff

Hybrid ( Vertical and Horizontal)


White with Red ( in other depictions Navy blue with grey )




Top Level

Pilots and co-Pilots

Billy Blazes, Wendy Waters, Ariel Flyer, Rocky Canyon

Hyper-Jet HQ is hypersonic multi-purpose jet of tremendous scale, used by the Rescue Heroes. In particular, their Global Response Team (GRT). The jet serves the team for transportation, reconnaissance, and rendezvous.

The Hyper-Jet HQ serves many tasks during operation. It is equipped to handle any mission of any scale or complexity.

Its main features are the following:

  • Powerful computer network that locates all available Rescue Heroes teams
  • On demand radio communication across all teams
  • High-density GPS tracking
  • Storage of small vehicles, small craft, and and small helicopters
  • Satellite communications with Warren Waters and Roger Houston , at the Hexagon from space

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