Jake Justice
Jake justice






suit and tie, with blue collared shirt

Closest Friends

Billy Blazes, Rocky Canyon



Toy No.

No. 77089 Jake Justice

Jake Justice is a police officer.

He is the primary law enforcement unit of the Rescue Heroes team. Among his police team is Captain Cuffs and Captain Clydes  . Jake Justice holds police jurisdiction over all rescue cases. Local law enforcements regularly cooperate with Jake and his other police team members.

His duties usually consist of patrolling streets, closing down highways, and rerouting traffic.

Jake is often delegated ground patrol and the job of giving ground orders, while higher ranking team members issue aerial orders aboard the RH Hyper-Jet HQ .

He directly reports to Billy Blazes.


Jake became a Rescue Hero when he caught a wanted criminal after a televised car chase that made national headlines.Not a lot is known of what happened to him in his rookie years at the Rescue Heroes.

He rose the ranks and is now a key unit of all daily Rescue Heroes operations, known as the Global Response Team.