Rescue Heroes Fire Frenzy
Rescue Heroes: Fire Frenzy
is a Rescue Heroes game for Gameboy Color.

Plot Edit

Liberty Mountain catches on fire, and the Rescue Heroes must get there ASAP to contain the fire and rescue all the people and animals.

Missions Edit

Animal RescueEdit

The player must help Billy Blazes rescue all the animals trapped in the forest fires.


The player must help Jake Justice rescue all the people surrounded by the forest fires.

Fire BreakEdit

The player must help Rip Rockefeller dig a path to block the fires.

Bridge OutEdit

The player must help Gil Gripper get all the people across the river safely away from the fires.

Fire CopterEdit

The player must help Ariel Flyer use the Quick Response Helicopter to drop water on the fires to put the out and rescue the stranded people.

Bonus Activity (only becomes playable after completing all of the other missions)Edit

The player must help Roger Houston send out signals so the rescue plane could put all the fires at Liberty Mountain out.

Characters Edit